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Conference Reports

2014 Master Attendee Report
2014 Master Exhibitor Report

General Sessions

Opening Session (Weds) – David Mook
Opening Session (Weds) – COL Tickner
Clean Energy Panel (Thurs)
Closing Session (Fri)

Student Scholarship Finalists’ Posters

Josephine Bates
David Brew
Nicole Caruso
Tiffany Eberhard
George Grant
Peyton Smith

Early Sessions

ES1: Flint River Decon/Demo – A Georgia Success Story (facilitated by O’Brien & Gere)
O’Brien & Gere

ES2: Georgia Fall Line Cities Approach to Brownfields (EPA / USDA Grant Writing)
Barbara Alfano

Session I

Topic 2: Water and Forests
John Colberg
Dr. Rhett Jackson
Robert Olszewski
Dan Roach

Topic 14: The Coastal Non-Point Source Connection: Non-Point Source Program Tools and Resources in Play on the Coast – A Panel Discussion
Jackie Teel, Todd Jones, Kelly Hill, Ron Feldner, Kelly Spratt

Topic 17: Environmental Due Diligence
Heather Friedman
Stacey Turner
John Hollar

Topic 29: Sustainability in the Corporate Environment: Calculating and Minimizing a Business’ Total Environmental Footprint
Pat Campbell
Dagmar Epsten
Chris Hagler

Topic 39: Impacts of the Apalachicola River Water Wars
Jason Dickey
Russ Frydenborg and Beck Frydenborg

Topic 42: Georgia Municipal Watershed Protection and Management
Michael Halicki
JoAnn Macrina
Margaret Tanner
Camilla Warren
Lauren Guidot

Session II

Topic 7: Air Regulation Update
Mack McGuffey
Susan Jenkins
Brad James

Topic 11: Changes to Federal Regulations and Regulatory Practices Affecting Aquatic Resources in the State of Georgia
David Lekson and Kim Garvey

Topic 15: A Basin of Information – Modeling and Monitoring of Coastal Georgia and the Savannah River
Paul Lamarre
John Clarke
William Bailey
Oscar Flite

Topic 18: Do We Have a Problem Here? Balancing Science and Policy in Industrial Communities
Bob Mowrey
Kathi Wurzel
Tami Thomas-Burton

Topic 25: Carbon Footprint Reduction with Alternative Fuels
Steve Whaley
Don Francis
Ian Skelton
Anne Blair
Andrea Schroer

Topic 36: Coal Ash Rule – Where Are We Now?
Hollister Hill
Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
Bruce Pasfield

Session III

Topic 4: Obtaining Air Emission Permits in Georgia
Susan Jenkins
Jay Sum
Jimmy Kirkland
Todd Cloud

Topic 23: Innovative Contamination Investigation and Remediation
Nils Thompson
Jorgen Bergstrom
Adria Reimer

Topic 26: Overcoming Barriers to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Deployment
Panel: Trevelyn Hall, William Cook, Andrea Schroer, Joey Kline, Wendy Morgan, Billy Gilbert

Topic 30: Sustainability Reporting – The New Global Reporting Initiative G4 Standard and What it Means to Your Stakeholders
Mark Curran
Steve Leffin

Topic 46: Nutrient Trading
Brent Fewell
Mike Giles
Jeff Herr

Topic 50: Innovations in Water Protection for Municipalities, Manufacturing and Construction Services
Amy Bergbreiter
Benn Moss
Steve Layman

Session IV

Topic 5: Getting the Lead Out
Russell Kemp
Lynn Wilder
Jimmy Johnston

Topic 10: Thinking Outside the Box: A New Life for Underutilized Buildings/Facilities
John Boneberg, Jude Peck, Gary Yates, Keith Ziobron

Topic 19: A Redevelopment Legislative and Policy Update – GBA Technical Track, Session 1
Honorable Chuck Williams
Madeleine Kellam
Holly Hill

Topic 41: The Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development
Paul Wolff
Mike Hopkins
Alice Champagne
Chrissy Thom

Topic 44: Georgia’s Golf Course Water and Energy Conservation Challenges
Tenia Workman
Chris Steigelman
Buck Workman
Mark Hoban

Topic 49: State and Regional Water Planning
Benjy Thompson
Ron Cross
Panel Slides

Session V

Topic 16: Climate Change: How it Affects Georgia Businesses and Communities
Jenny Dissen
Jon Philipsborn
Tom Shillock

Topic 20: Georgia EPD Land Protection Branch Response and Remediation Program Update
Jeff Cown
Greg Jones
Derrick Williams

Topic 31: Shipping, Logistics, Industry and Ports! SLIP into A Sustainable Future
Dr. Lee Kindberg
Natalie Dawn
Tim Feemster
Carl Warren

Topic 33: Grants to Green: Helping Nonprofits Sustain the Environment and Advance Their Mission
Dennis Creech, Tyronda Minter
Mark McDonald

Topic 37: Solid Waste Rag Rule
Mary Beth Sheridan 1
Mary Beth Sheridan 2

Topic 40: Alternative Water Sources for Georgia
Robert Atkins
Doug Wilson
John Clarke

Session VI

Topic 1: What if Georgia Didn’t Have Working Forests
Bob Izlar
Robert Farris
Marshall Thomas
Wesley Langdale

Topic 9: Brave New World – The Clean Air Act After Supreme Court Intervention
Brandon Mogan
Kurt Ebersbach
Max Zygmont

Topic 22: The Economic Development and Jobs Creation Aspects of Brownfield Redevelopment – GBA Technical Track, Session 2
Rep. Lynn Smith
Gerald Pouncey
Steven Aufdenkampe

Topic 28: The Department of Defense (DoD) in Georgia – Environmental, Energy, Sustainability and Security
Marshall Williams
David Blalock
Jennifer Nelson
Jeannette Hyatt
John Brent 1
John Brent 2

Topic 38: Developing and Implementing a Zero Waste to Landfill Program
Dave Ellison

Topic 43: Governor’s Water Supply Program
Kevin Clark
Wayne Murphy
Chrissy Thom

Session VII

Topic 3: Environmental Change Agents
Dr. Mark Risse
Melanie Biersmith
Pam Knox
Susan Varlamoff

Topic 8: Greenhouse Gas Regulation – From Permitting to Performance Standards
Carol Kemker
Keith Bentley
Margaret Campbell

Topic 12: Achieving Sustainable Development in Georgia’s Coastal Communities: Important Considerations and Approaches to Community Well-Being
Maria Dillard
Denise Grabowski
Kelly Hill

Topic 13: Mitigation Banking Through Public-Private Partnerships to Protect Wetlands, Sensitive Stream Beds and Listed Species
Byron Kirkpatrick
David Dickson
Natalie Dawn
Joseph Nicolette
Trey Evans

Topic 21: A Case Study in Brownfield Redevelopment – GBA Technical Track, Session 3
John Spinrad
Lee Harrop
Dustin Heizer
Jeff Margolin and Meredith Anthony; Annie Evans

Topic 45: The “Golden Triangle” – Business, Government and Civil Society Working Together Toward Sustainable Water Resource Management
Marty McLendon
Justin Park
Jon Radtke

Session VIII

Topic 6: Boiler MACT (5D)
Roxy Fincher

Topic 27: Financing Environmental and Efficiency Improvement Projects in Georgia
Randy Hartmann
Al Burns
Andrea Schroer

Topic 34: Environment, Economy, Equity – Exploring the Third “E”
Felicia Davis
Nathaniel Smith
Dr. Dionne Hoskins

Topic 35: Current Trends and Issues With Environmental Management Systems
Matt Stewart
Jim Vines

Topic 51: Sarbanes Oxley and How it Affects Environmental Professionals

Robert Sherrill

Session IX

Topic 24: Oxidizers – How to Reduce Energy Usage

Wade Klos

Topic 32: Succession Planning – Thinking of Ways to Increase Diversity for Future Generations of Environmental Specialists and Leaders

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
Ron Shipman
Mat Hauer

Topic 47: Annual Review of Clean Water Act Case Law with Georgia Implications

Alison Lathrop
Gil Rogers
E. Fitzgerald Veira

Topic 48: Water Reclamation
Dr. Dora Chiang
Dr. Jack Huang
Dr. Mike Saunders