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Conference Reports

2013 Master Attendee Report
2013 Master Exhibitor Report
Conference Opening Presentation

Keynote Presentations

Tim Echols
William Harris

Student Posters

Alicia Estabrook
Alex Boettcher
Binita KC
Robert Sowah
Justin Wallace

Early Session

ES1: Coastal Solar Summit
Georgia Solar Energy Association
ES2: Industrial Wastewater: Public-Private Cooperation
O’Brien & Gere

Session I

Topic 5: Urban Farm Projects in Atlanta
Menia Chester
Steve Nygren
Susan Varlamoff
Kelly Whitfield

Topic 22: Urban Planning

Timothy Baumgartner and Wesley Corbitt
Brant Keller
Sarah Ward

Topic 28: Myths and Truths of Renewable Energy in Georgia
Topic Introduction
Bobby Baker
Marilyn Brown
Simon Mahan
Ryan Sanders

Topic 41: Southeast Regional EV Deployment Readiness Program
Mike Anderson
Steve Clermont
Jeff Esfeld
Dale Hill
Dave Packard
Cornelius Willingham

Topic 46: Turning Environmental Regulation Requirements into Community Assets
Doug Baughman
Steve Leo
JoAnn Macrina

Topic 47: Panel Discussion: Water Supply Portfolios

Topic 50: Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Georgia’s Water
Paul Bradley
Dora Chiang
Jim Deitsch
L. Christopher Oakes
David Vance

Session II

Topic 4: Innovations in Agriculture
Chris Chammoun
Eric Corban
John Pace
Donnie Smith
George Vellidis

Topic 7: The Nexus: Corporate Sustainability Reporting and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Accounting Framework
Matt Mattila
Kal Trinkner

Topic 32: EPA’s New Vapor Intrusion Guidance
Jim Fineis
Thomas Hatton
Jeff Margolin
Steve Song
John Spinrad
Keith Ziobron

Topic 42: Southeast Regional Alternative Fuels Market Initiatives Program
Mike Britt
Steve Clermont
Rodney Dill
Chris Emery
Ian Skelton
Steve Whaley

Topic 45: Trash as Cash…
Kevin Brown
Steve Edwards
Randall Essick
Billy Malone
David Stuart
James Kennedy

Topic 51: The Desalination Alternative
Craig Bartels
Chandra Mysore
Christine Owen
Thomas Seacord

Topic 54: Water Quality and Nutrient Issues
Doug Baughman
Wayne Flowers
Adam Krantz

Session III

Topic 10: How to Fund Conservation Initiatives After an Audit
Mitch Brown
Vic Clements
Lauren Dufort
Jeff Stott

Topic 16: Preparing for Climate Change on Georgia’s Coast
Clark Alexander
Jason Evans

Topic 24: Brownfields Success in Georgia
Linda Grijalva
David Jenkins
Scott Laseter
Keith Ziobron
Bryan Zulko

Topic 30: Why Georgians Should Care About Hydraulic Fracturing
Josh Becker
Tricia Bonner
John Kind
Beverlee Silva

Topic 34: Beyond the Beltline Basics
Panel Presentation (Louise Estabrook, Ryan Gravel, Lee Harrop, Catherine Owens)

Topic 40: Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Center Act “Map-21”
Gail D’Avino
Laura Dawood
Chetna Dixon
William Malley

Topic 55: Regulating Water Supply and Quality in Georgia
Shelly Ellerhorst
Bennett Weinstein

Session IV

Topic 9: Clean Air Act Regulatory Developments
Mark Wenclawiak
Max Zygmont

Topic 15: The Effect of Climate on Public Health
Donald Champagne
George Luber
Raymond Noblet

Topic 17: Savannah Harbor Expansion Project
William Bailey and Margarett McIntosh
Hope Moorer
David Vance

Topic 19: 2013 Update on the ASTM 1527 Guidance for Due Diligence Property Transfers
Gordon Cobb
Adam Johnston
Amelia Magee
Randy Muller
Les Oakes

Topic 20: Porsche Repaves Plans for Atlanta’s Southside
Panel Presentation (Todd Addison, Jim Kutzman, Brett Mitchell, Camilla Warren)
Brett Mitchell

Topic 38: Sustainability: Safety Transformation
Marty Laskey
Geni Stevens

Topic 52: Adaptable Water Management
Rob Hunter
Ganesh Krishnan
Adrienne Nemura
Stephen O’Day
Raphael Siebenmann

Session V

Topic 1: Sustainability and Economics of Forestry in GA
Alan Lucier
Nathan McClure
Rob Olszewski

Topic 6: Georgia Air Permitting Update & Issues
Randy Brogdon
Eric Cornwell
Aaron Mitchell

Topic 18: Wetland Regulatory Update
Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah
Kelly Finch, David Lekson, Richard Morgan

Topic 25: Risk-based Clean-up in Georgia Under the VRP
Doug Cloud
Jeff Cown
Jason Metzger
Mark Mitchell

Topic 33: The DOD in Georgia
Tim Beaty
LuAnn Craighton
Benjamin Cross
Tom Fry
Susan Gibson
George Miller
Ron Schroder

Topic 44: Bioavailability Considerations in Sediment
Paige Leitman
Jason Metzger
Mary Sorenson
Craig Zeller

Topic 48: Alternative Water Sources for Georgia
Dan Abrams
Gail Cowie
William McLemore
Nils Thompson

Session VI

Topic 8: State and Federal Clean Air Act
Eric Cornwell
Tri Drucker
Jimmy Kirkland

Topic 21: Sustainable Development Approaches to Urban Revitalization
Brooke Dickerson
Lee Harrop
Eloisa Klementich
Jim Kutzman
Charles Whatley

Topic 23: Healthfields on Brownfields
Panel Presentation (Miles Ballogg, Ed Johnson, Ken Pinnix, Roger Register)

Topic 31: Media Matters
Susan Catron
Howard Lalli
Kevin Riley

Topic 37: Sustainability and Climate Change
Brooke Beadle
Mark Curran
Aaron Uddin

Topic 39: Innovative Remediation Technologies
Steve Folsom
Andrew Montgomery
Jeff Paul

Topic 49: Sustainable Water Resources in Georgia
George Annandale
Matt Harper
Jonathan Radtke

Session VII

Topic 2: Environmental Management Systems Employed by Modern Day Golf Courses
Nelson Caron

Topic 11: Current Event Topics Related to Environmental Health and Safety
Bob Adams
Margaret Buckalew
Cliff Davis
Jamie Poole

Topic 26: A Look at the US Power Industry – Then and Now
Manitia Moultrie
Russ Schussler
Ron Shipman

Topic 27: Survey of Georgia Successes in Clean Energy
Richard Crowther
Billy Malone
Ryan Sanders
Michael Jones

Topic 36: Sustainability
Rebecca Cranford
PJ Newcomb
Nancy Parmer

Topic 43: Septic Systems and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Ray Bodrey
David Radcliffe
Bob Smith

Session VIII

Topic 13: Savannah Sustainability Alliance
Panel Presentation (Laura Lee Bocade, Roger Bowman, Scott Boylston, Natalie Dawn)

Topic 14: The Geospatial Approach to Environmental Analytics and Decision-Making
Shan Arora
Jeff Butler
Jason Evans
Colin Gowens
David McKee
Doug Oetter
Chris Strom

Topic 29: Economic Development from Energy Perspective
Stephanie Busch
David Gipson
Ervan Hancock
Jamie Poole

Topic 35: College/University Sustainability Panel
Michael Black
Marcia Kinstler
Kevin Kirsche
RC Paul

Topic 53: Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Stakeholders
Woody Hicks
Mark Masters
Brad Moore
Billy Turner